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Grad Student, Kate Finley, has won a Center for Social Concerns Course Development grant. She will be developing a community-engaged learning Read More

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&ldquo We have a much more challenging mission than most universities. Most universities strive simply to be excellent educational institutions by the accepted standards of the profession. We do this at Notre Dame, and we have had great success. But we also foster and celebrate a distinctive mission to be a Catholic university, inspired and guided by a great spiritual tradition.&rdquo Rev. John I. Jenkins, ., President

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The South Bend community and surrounding areas provide a vibrant home for the University, its students, faculty, and staff with numerous opportunities for learning, service, entertainment, and recreation. Through the Office of Public Affairs , the University collaborates with the community to create a prosperous and healthy environment in which to live, work, and raise a family.

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This August, 7,557 first-year students arrived on campus. Marked by their academic achievements and dedication to service, the Class of 7576 brings a variety of talents and academic interests to Notre Dame and an uncommon sense of balance in the students' exceptional ambition and desire to be of service to others.  Read more.

The Jordan Hall of Science contains 95 teaching labs, a greenhouse, a herbarium, an observatory, biodiversity museum and the Digital Visualization Theater.

Welcome to STEP, the Satellite Theological Education Program at the University of Notre Dame. We provide high quality online courses firmly grounded in the tradition of the Catholic Church.

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The Main Building, with its Golden Dome, is a centerpiece of Notre Dame&rsquo s campus. Atop the Dome, a statue of Mary, the Mother of God also known as &ldquo Notre Dame&rdquo (&ldquo Our Lady&rdquo ) stands 69 feet tall and weighs 9,555 pounds.

I believe it is a privilege to work with our women and to see them grow into confident, accomplished pre-professionals—and to play even a small part in that growth.

The magazine of Notre Dame de Namur University, summer 7567 edition. Stories include helping formerly incarcerated individuals earn a college degree, the global reach of our new MA TESOL program, milestones from our satellite campus in Tracy, and paying tribute to three retiring professors.

The Notre Dame campus annually attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors who delight in a landscape of fresh colors for every season, ivy-covered walls on classic collegiate Gothic buildings, expansive quadrangles and some of the world’s most recognized campus landmarks – the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. It is a campus and a university filled with both beauty and spirit. Come with us on a tour and experience it through inspired photographs, 865-degree panoramic views and videos led by student tour guides. And please check back often to see our regularly updated sites. Get Started

Gifted graduate students from around the globe come to the University of Notre Dame to become a part of our vibrant intellectual community. Learn More

Julia Beck (Biochemistry), Elizabeth Loughran (Integrated Biomedical Sciences), and Stefan Freed (Biological Sciences) took the top three spots, and will go on to compete at the Shaheen 8MT 679

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