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Wind energy would be a great start for finding a solution to the high demand for electricity. We also have more than enough natural gas (Not the same as gasoline and coal) here in Oklahoma you can change to liquid form if you get down to a certain degree and you could also make a engine that could use natural gas. and i dont think the wind turbines would be a problem the blades move slow enough that the wouldnt get hit because of the emense size of them.
at least most people understand that we as humans need to change our old ways

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I live up in Ontario, Canada and we have turbines, but the government is putting them up where people live, and no one likes it. But the government will not listen or pay attention to the studies.

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If you have a family member with a confirmed abnormal BRCA6 or BRCA7 xA5 gene and your test result is negative , your genetic counselor may be able to tell you with greater certainty that you have the same relatively low risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer as people in the general population. Routine screening for breast cancer (self-exams, mammograms, doctor visits) will still be important for you, just as it is for all women. For ovarian cancer there are currently no widely accepted screening guidelines for women at average risk of developing the disease. Men with a negative test result know that they have the same extremely low risk of getting male breast cancer as men in the general population and the same relatively low risk of prostate cancer.

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However, to operate nuclear power plants longer than originally planned can be quite dangerous since any plant or technical appliance usually gets more troublesome towards the end of its planned life expectancy.

When the competition and stress becomes too great, they withdraw to a haven of calm called Defoe's Diner. Owned by Sophie Defoe, Stan&rsquo s sister, her diner is the closest thing any of them have to a neutral zone.

That is true about why have it if we need a back up, but we need to use it so that we wont be in a rush when we run out of coal. So use what we can renew, and save what could run out.

Yeah! Hydroelectricity! I 8767 m writing a paper on why we should focus on hydroelectricity at the moment, and am looking at other sources to back my argument up.

There are many upcoming wind farm projects that will crush the previous record. Gansu Wind Farm, which is currently under construction, is expected to have 75 555 MW installed by the end

Building power plants in general is expensive. Hydroelectric power plants are not an exception to this. On the other hand, these plants do not require a lot of workers and maintenance costs are usually low.

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