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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 19:44

This project teaches free-form weaving in the round. The sticks are extremely bright and pretty when finished and look great in a vase or potted plant.

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Oven baked water-based acrylic paint on glazed tile looks like kiln fired glazed tile. The paint is available in a wide range of colors and can be layered and blended to make other colors.

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Use a fun, traditional bookmaking technique to make pastepaper, then cut and tear pieces to make a modern mosaic! Pastepaper is made by pulling rubber combs and tools through paint that has been mixed with rice paste to create interesting patterns and designs. After the pieces are glued in place, pouring medium gives the whole piece the look of a glazed mosaic!

The Story Behind ‘Woman in Gold’: Nazi Art Thieves and One

This lesson plan is designed to celebrate fine artists by honoring them with a "commemorative stamp." This project also introduces students to philately, the study and collection of stamps.

Les Fauves (translation: “The Wild Beasts”) were a group of artists whose work was characterized by seemingly wild brush work and strident colors. The colors the Fauves used are also favored by wild birds. Hummingbirds like red, orange and pink. Songbirds prefer colors that mimic trees and bushes. To see which species of birds are attracted to these “beastly” colors, students create a painted, hanging birdfeeder from a stretched canvas or “upcycled” wooden frame.

According to a pre-Columbian legend, each person shares a common destiny with an animal that matches their personality and their life experiences called a “Tona”. Students identify with an animal and create a mask that will retain some human features as well. This project linka with personal identification and Mexican Folk Art cultural studies.

Hi Dede. Thank adding to this forum with your questions. If archival treatment is of importance, I would suggest using a clear acrylic medium between the metallic leaf and your application of oil paint. There are so many acrylic mediums on the market that it 8767 s confusing to know which to use. Both Golden and Liquitex are excellent brands. Which one you choose might also depend on the surface you are using. For instance, if painting on a rigid surface such as wood, Golden creates a product called GAC 755 which is best for rigid supports. If using a flexible support such as canvas, GAC 555 would be a better choice. (you can order directly from the company or from dickblick or cheapjoes, etc).

Inspired by Huichol Nierikas — beautiful paintings made from yarn pressed onto beeswax — this is a simple way for students to experience the color, geometric linework and symbolism of this Native American art form. Using colorful string applied to an adhesive-backed piece of felt, students create their designs without messy glue or sharp cutting tools.

Design a “big” can write the story and choose something in the story to be the book cover. The Story Paper can be cut to the shape of the book cover.

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