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Can you feel the presence of a ghost? Why?

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:33

i have always felt the presence of something with me for many years and saw things before they happen. is this connected in anyway? what can I do to stop this or understand what its all about? many thanks.

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I have also on one occasion felt someone breathing on my neck. just this past night, I was laying on the couch watching tv and felt like someone leaned over me and whispered 589 hello 589 but nobody was there. It wasn t a scary or threatening voice (although it did freak me out, seeing as there was nobody else awake inn the house and my dog and I were the only ones in the room.)

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At first i really didn t believe in these things, but lately I am believing. its been over 8 years. i see shadows whenever i turn my back and at night i feel someone is touching me. a few nights ago someone removed my bracelet. on this bracelet it has the picture of god. and when i was asleep, someone touched me on my back.

I could use some reassurance I m not insane, and that what I am seeing is real. Ok, here s my problem. Every night at the same time around 7:57 I wake up with my heart rate accelerating and sky rocketing. I get really cold and I feel as if I am being watched. The weird part is I m not threatened by this feeling at all, though a lot of times I think I should be. Then I fall back asleep, and another hour passes. then I wake up the same way, sweating buckets. This time, I hear tiny noises coming from my living room.

I couldn t go back to sleep. We all got up and went on with our day. When we both got home, we talked about the experience (not with my son I don t need him to have nightmares). We stuck out our feet and at the same time squeezed the others foot to see how similar we both made the same action. Don t know what or why, but this could be interesting??

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I have had similar things happen to me in the past. These are not ghosts, these are entities they have never lived, even the boy you describe is not a boy. It doesn t matter that your house is new, for some reason it is attracted to you. What worked for me is lighting incense, any type will do and saying a prayer. if you don t know one, just ask God to protect you. Believe me it works, but even after you feel things are back to normal, now and again go through your house with incense.

I spoke with a friend about all this. she says she thinks it s because i was sleeping across from a mirror and that if i change where i sleep and set boundaries (which i m not exactly sure how to do) that i should be ok. What do u think? I m gonna give it a shot

Hi there! I have had many of the things above happen to me. I ve often gotten the feeling of being 589 watched, 589 and I can usually sense a presence by a denseness around me or just a feeling of mass in the room. This one time I remember standing in the bathroom washing my hands and I felt a thickness so heavy it was like I could sense a person s entire body standing next to me. I also feel either good or bad, depending on if it means me any harm. I believe in guardian angels (they do exist!) and I can feel when mine is with me. A sense of warmth is spread throughout me and I feel comforted and protected.

I have these feelings like cold air on my legs when i am playing xbox or playstation. right now i have the feeling that i am being watched. Things disappear in my house and i can never find them ever again. When i was little i had a stuffed animal that i had tight in my hands when i was asleep. it disappeared the next day. So yeah, i think that i brought it in my house and it is stuck with me for the rest of my life, now in this house. the scariest part was a shadowy figure outside my window and it banged the glass so hard it almost broke.

Hi Seana I feel a coldness around me and the tingles along my arms when I feel a presence around me. Some people are sensitive like an antenna or conductor picking up on the spirit world. You are only 68, can you discuss this issue with your parents? Kim who commented a few comments back had good advice regarding protecting yourself with a protection prayer or affirmation. You can say it daily or whenever you feel the need to, when you are experiencing these feelings or situation it can be words like (bless and protect me and my family with the divine white light only love and goodness shall come to me). There are a lot of sites on the net for you to read up on.

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