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Funeral Blues Analysis . Auden : Summary Explanation

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[ ] means record companies can charge $85 or $95 a pop on a new vinyl, and people will pay for now anyway. For the seasoned collector, and the new vinyl fans wanting to avoid high prices, long lines and [ ]

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The punk scene seems to be keeping it real, Aside from 7 8776 records being usually $5 or sometimes $6-7 for imports, the average LP ranges from $65-67 each. Its nice that i like this music because its still very cheap and affordable and punk music has a myriad of great bands. The only real expensive stuff is the really hyped sold out records and labels producing them, and the more obscure 77-89 rarities and some old foreign hardcore records that never got reissued, or classic bands who don 8767 t have reissues (SS Decontrol, Judge, i think Youth of Today might be this way, probably a few 95 8767 s bands that were huge) are the only things you would be paying the same prices as metal or indie rock records on, or a collectors price on top of.

Blue Valentine Movie Review & Film Summary (2011) | Roger

Ever since this 8775 new 8776 resurgence in interest in vinyl has been raging, prices have been too high. It 8767 s been like there is more interest in the trappings of collecting vinyl than for the love of the music. Buy what you like and what you want ot hear, not something that is escoteric but expensive and you will listen to one time before consigning it to the stacks.

I hope record labels get their act together. I was starting to collect new vinyl when the prices were around $65 per LP but I quickly stopped when average prices (very) suddenly exceeded $75-75. Instead of me dropping $55 a month on records, I now spend nothing and the record companies make nothing off of me. Great business model!

I felt the weight of expectation on every moment—the sense that the end of this pregnancy was something I should feel sad about, the lurking fear that I never felt sad about what I was supposed to feel sad about, the knowledge that I’d gone through several funerals dry-eyed, the hunch that I had a parched interior life activated only by the need for constant affirmation, nothing more. I wanted Dave to guess what I needed at precisely the same time as I needed it. I wanted him to imagine how much small signals of his presence might mean.

Somebody made a comment about RSD, and how it 8767 s OK if those releases wind up on eBay because the record(s) will go for the price someone is willing to pay.

Actually, at my local record store, prices are still cheap. Just yesterday I paid $9 for Van Halen 8767 s 8775 Jump (used), 8776 $7 for Pete Townshend 8767 s 8775 My Love Will Open The Door (used), 8776 $67 for REM 8767 s album 8775 Murmur (used), 8776 and only $67 for Vampire Weekends new album, 8775 Modern Vampires of The City (New) 8776

Dr. Phil Plait, who regularly addresses the issue of pareidolia in outer space and elsewhere, created a valentine with the "face on Mars" that we've all seen.

I’d be lying if I wrote that I remember what he said. I don’t. Which is the sad half-life of arguments—we usually remember our side better. I think he told me he’d been thinking of me all day, and couldn’t I trust that? Why did I need proof?

Agreed, most large record companies are exploiting fans. However, there are always alternatives. I run Mega Dodo. We put out limited edition vinyl at reasonable prices. We do it because we love what we do, not for the money. In fact, we probably loose money on each release. And you know what? We don 8767 t care. So, if you 8767 d like to support a struggling record label visit us here http://-/ You might also like http:///

our latest album are highly positively reviewed got much slower CD sales compare to previous release but thousands of torrents links for our releases. so the only way forward for us small bands is to release vinyls with a few extra content.

For all their macho tomfoolery, we also had to admire these guys. The Bourbon Red is a remarkably pretty breed, with a chestnut-red body set off by dazzling white wings and tail, and a good deal more personality than its all-white cousins, who are so famously dumb they don't know to come in out of the rain. Our boys at least knew that much.

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