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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 02:17

One of the reasons why perhaps so many people struggle with Word when creating large documents, is because it is prone to crashes. 'Document recovery' is now a high ranking feature of Word. I'm sure people would prefer if MS would just make their software more stable! (NB stability issues are not necessarily generalisable, so I'm speaking from personal experience, and of my friends and colleagues - I do not know of a single user who hasn't lost work to Word, but that's not to say that such people don't exist.)

Andrew Sullivan: Our President's Emotional Bait and Switch

Beneath the stair is often lost space. Its the little things that make a house work well. Entering a house with a pram and a couple of bags can be surprisingly stressful. Here we have a small shelf to the left of the entry to drop bags and keys. A hidden hatch to the right to slide in the pram under the stairs. Its the perfect size for a pram, which is now hidden until it is needed next.

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Things are a bit trickier in summer, however we are again pleasantly surprised by the stable internal temperatures. A skylight high in the ceiling passively vents any excess heat, which travels up the skillion roof and naturally exits without need for mechanical ventilation. A stack effect can be created to quickly ventilate the house by opening up the garden doors to draw cool air in whilst venting hot air out of the skylight.


The Ilma Grove house is Andrew Maynard Architect's greenest house (so far). Its planning and orientation is based solidly around passive solar efficiency. All roof captured rain water is harvested. It has solar panels, high performance insulation, recycled materials, LowE coated double glazing, low VOC materials and, most importantly, it is small.

When designing the Sydney Opera House Utzon spoke of the fifth facade, knowing that the roof will be the part of the building that dominates the view from the Harbour Bridge and the tall buildings nearby. The street front is no longer the public face of our buildings. Google Earth has made the roof the public face of our buildings, accessible to anyone at anytime. We can now easily see all of the mess that has been hidden on the rooftop. What was once hidden is now fully displayed. With this in mind we deliberately designed Tower House so that it looked beautiful from the sky and from Google Earth.

This flexibility in program is also explored in the joinery design on the landing between the two levels. This plywood element wraps itself along the landing and up the dividing wall, performing as a study table, storage cupboards on the lower level and as a seat and handrail on the higher level.

Dennis: ‘natch. Hmmmmm… I think this is gonna get deep. We should really bring this to Baz Bagelenseed, a PI I met via a Craigslist gig a few years back. Let’s have a look and see if he has ideas on how to trace this.  Can you meet me in deep Chinatown tonight at nine? I’ll drop a pin and message you. I don’t know the address of the place, just how to find it on foot.

Richard Vernon : That's another one right now! I've got you for the rest of your natural born life if you don't watch your step. You want another one?

Meanwhile, the MacLean side of the argument still faces the same problem that it originally did: she has nothing to actually establish an affirmative link between Buchanan and Davidson. That leaves her in the territory of pure unfounded speculation. That the Hobbesian alternative also provides a much stronger explanation is only icing on the cake.

Me: My Dad, I suppose, my Mom, not really. I think they wanted me to make the decision myself, expose me to it. That and I think a lot of people put their kids into the church for the sake of the grandparents. This is my theory about why a lot of marriages still happen in churches even though the newly weds are not practicing.

P has a sneaky spot in the roof space above the kitchen. Lined in synthetic grasswith nothing more than a banana lounge and a book P’s spot it a hideaway within the centre of the house.

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