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Sheriff Clarke Rips CNN as 'Electronic Terrorism' for

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 03:55

"To have somebody disavowing the reason why they're there talking to me in the first place, their complicity in this thing that they're denying any responsibility for, it doesn't bother me as a gay person — it bothers me as a rational human being. It bothers me as somebody who wants accountability and who is grossed out by people who shirk their responsibility."

Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan - NBC News - Breaking News

RM: As if Fox News did really poorly with Bush in the White House? Not having the campaign to cover is the biggest change. But there 8767 s probably been, I don 8767 t know, three days in the nine years I 8767 ve been in radio where I 8767 ve felt like I was reaching, and that 8767 s usually because I 8767 m hungover.

From the Republican fringe to the White House | MSNBC

No less a prog org than the ACLU filed suit complaining that police officers don’t respond to 966 calls in black neighborhoods in a timely manner. You can allege that police officers don’t respond to 966 calls in black neighborhoods because they’re racists or that they do respond to them because they’re racists.

Lies, Damned Lies, & Rachel Maddow - Outside The Beltway

I would suggest, James, that a national TV talking head has a somewhat higher responsibility for accuracy than a blogger. Regardless, under Sullivan , recklessness with respect to the truth constitutes malice (and, of course, 8775 knew 8776 also encompasses 8775 should have known 8776 but I didn 8767 t want to get overly legalistic in my post), which is my point.

When Maddow isn’t working in New York City, she calls Cummington, Massachusetts home. The small down is in Western Massachusetts, near Springfield. According to writer Eric Goldscheider , she shares a home there with Mikulka, who closed on the home in December 6998. Four months later, she met Madddow through mutual friends.

Rachel 8767 s father is of half Ashkenazi Jewish (from Ukraine and Lithuania) and half Dutch (Protestant) ancestry. Rachel 8767 s father was raised Christian.

No, no, Dodd. I 8767 m not saying anything has been 8775 conclusively proven, 8776 although you seem to think it is. (Okay, so maybe you 8767 re holding out for the verdict in the defamation lawsuit.)

While working on her dissertation, she took on a series of odd jobs. When she took on the job of “yard boy,” she met Mukulka, who needed help keeping her Cummington house in shape.

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