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I think of it mainly in this way: In written English, as well as in many other languages, you use italics for a number of different reasons. In hypertext documents, you can embed information about the precise reason why a phrase is in italics:

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By citing and referencing the material consulted for a piece of academic work you not only enable others to verify facts ideas in your work more easily, but you will also be acting in an ethical and honest manner.


p This is a longer block quote. /p
p It uses paragraph elements. /p
cite HTML5 Doctor /cite

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Krakauer has made clear to his readers that he holds a more sympathetic viewpoint towards Chris's actions, choosing to regard his blunders as innocent and naive more than actively malicious. But by quoting at length from a letter such as Nick Jans's, he shows a willingness to admit the possibility of various interpretations of this story. Krakauer acknowledges that one could well consider Chris as arrogant, more interested in pursuing his own romantic view of the wild than in actually choosing practices that would be sustainable for the environment. But in addition, here as elsewhere, Krakauer leaves the ultimate choice up to the reader, in deciding how to interpret Chris's various choices and actions.

After being caught sneaking away from the house, Charlie is forbidden from leaving the house at all. Because he has no alternative, Charlie spends his time in his room, reading books and writing. Charlie's love for books allows him to escape from the smallness and dullness of life in his town--he can imagine going elsewhere even when he's imprisoned in his bedroom. In a similar way, Charlie's writing abilities continue to keep him sane. He hasn't forgotten the gruesome spectacle of Laura Wishart's corpse. It's only by writing about his experiences that Charlie avoids becoming wracked with guilt by putting ink to paper, he establishes a safe distance between himself and his own trauma.

And even then the standarista community can 8767 t agree what is the correct usage and what 8767 s not. This is similar to the header and footer elements that are so generic people will use them for all kinds of purposes, thus obliterating any real-world usage (. when writing screen-reading software)

Jeffrey's performance in this scene shows one way that minorities have struggled for equality: through personal achievement. It's unfair, of course, that Jeffrey should have to succeed at cricket just to be treated as a human being, but it's undeniable that in this instance his talents help convince his peers to accept him, at least for the time being.

The passage shows that although Charlie is no longer afraid of Mad Jack, he continues to feel some irrational fears, which he then proceeds to overcome. Charlie has learned that Jack shouldn't be feared, but much more importantly, he's learned that fear itself can be dealt with. Like Batman, Charlie doesn't deny his fears he accepts them and moves past them, reaching into the bees that he finds so disgusting.

Although Charlie has just learned that many people in the community are invested in his safety, he seems to take an entirely different conclusion from this. He's exhausted with the constant surveillance of small-town life: he has the sense that someone (whether it's his mother, his father, or Jasper) is always watching him and judging him. Charlie wants to go far away and behave like a free-wheeling character in one of his beloved American novels, such as On the Road or Huckleberry Finn. The more smothering his parents' attention becomes, the more strongly Charlie feels the need to get away from his family altogether.

Correct. If the text is unclear please do file a bug on the HTML spec , it 8767 s an editors draft and there for people to comment on and help improve.

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List all authors. For 9-65 authors, only the first listed name is inverted. For the remaining authors, the first given name and middle initial(s) - if available - are written in front of the family name.

I hope these examples begin to demonstrate the choices you have as an author using APA Style. More information on direct quotation of sources can be found on pages 675–679 of the Manual.

According to Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, the word "plagiarize" can mean trying to pass off someone else's ideas, work or words as your own, or using those ideas, work or words without giving due credit to the source. You can avoid either misdeed by simply giving credit where credit is due. The three primary citation styles are APA, MLA, and CMS.

I’ve always used cite as a source or a reference or to give credit for a quotation. Never simply to mark up a title unless it was a source. So to me this, “ cite Aladdin /cite is a great movie, even after 78 viewings. Aren’t kids great?,” makes no sense. If cite was strictly for titles, why not use title instead? Isn’t that more semantic? Also, would have been nice if there were some useful attributes on cite like cite source= 8776 author 8776 href= 8776 8776 … source could be title, book, movie, play, url, article, post, etc.

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