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Types of Software testing and definitions of testing terms

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 14:17

7. If business operator moves cursor on Insert menu, it shows sub menu like below
a) If the business operator clicks on payments sub menu, it will show the page for add new payments, view and delete payments.

Software Testing Tools

"Often under-estimated and not much considered by developers, testing is however one of the key elements of software engineering, and a fundamental pillar without which no software can be put on the market with appropriate quality. The goal of this article is to evangelize the major dimensions of software testing and share our experience of best practices."

Development Sandboxes: An Agile 'Best Practice'

can anyone explain breifly definitions for
6) Acid Testing
7) Ramp Testing
8) Bucket Testing
Its important please, reply immideately.

The Full Life Cycle Object-Oriented Testing (FLOOT) Method

I came USA 7 month back and i applied for am not getting i now why?And here i am i know what type of questions they will have phone screen on possible send me interview questions.

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I have seen in may forums, it is so confusing few say unit testing, intergration testing .comes under Testing types and few as Testing Levels. Please Clarify.

Testing and fixing is about collaboration. There’s a gray area of debugging between those two steps that involves reproducing the bug and identifying the parameters that cause it to be reproduced. When developers are buried under a mountain of bugs, it can be tempting to push back on bug reports that aren’t perfect, but frequently, they don’t need to be perfect. While it’s important that developers don’t waste their time on wild goose chases, it’s also important that bugs aren’t just shuffled back and forth between testers and developers.

As I mentioned earlier, these clusters should also serve as a red flags that there may be a problem in the underlying process that’s leading to the increase it bugs. Alternatively, there could be a fundamental misunderstanding by the developer or developers responsible for that area. In any case, a large cluster of problems usually warrants deeper investigation to see long-term improvement.

according to my knowledge, Smoke is build verification test and sanity is after finishing all the testing activites, before the build move from testing enviroment to production enviroment the general checking done in the project / product to ensure that all GUI, links are working fine.

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