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i used creatine and don 8767 t think i took it properly i had it like 8 times a day most of the time and now i 8767 ve got a twitch and when i went off the creatine i lost about 5 kgs and think i lost energy too i want to do it again but i don 8767 t think i should

DRUG-NEWS: Accutane Side Effects (Isotretinoin) aka Acutane

"Since I have been taking Flavay® my acne is so much better. I wanted to try something natural before taking Accutane and I am glad that I did. Thank you for your information."
—Ms. Kathy C.

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Creatine MAKES YOUR HAIR FALL OUT AFTER A MONTH OR TWO.. thats really the only bad thing about it. and if u dont believe me try it your self on the second month i was usung it i started to notice a lot of extra sheding and bald spots.. i never had a problem with hair loss until i started to take this supplement also once u stop taking creatine u will loose everything that u gained with it. so its not really worth it. But dont take my word for it try it. BUT YOU ARE WARNED

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Body systems are highly complex and more than ever science is identifying significant differences in all of us. Just because we are all human it dosent mean we are all identical. Reading many posts does not surprise me, I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and it is not uncommon to hear of unusual reactions to drugs that have had extensive scientific and clinical research.

Took it 8 years ago. i was 5 8798 65 655lbs in 7 months i got to 675 lbs and my arms were like popeye! yes i was bloated but mostly in the parts i workout the night before. i did not have any negative sex effects to my knowledge. i was constantly cramping due to lack of water. after i stopped taking it about 6 months later( cuz i was banging a smokin hot girl and didnt have time) i shrunk like a mother f 8767 er. it is more for looks since it keeps you pumped. i say give it a shot. wish i could show u some pics most people thought i was on roids!

im working out in a gym and im taking supplements. one of these supplements is creatine monohydrate so wht i wanted to know is it ok to take it with amino acids and hydroxycut(weight loss tablets) and protien shake

ive been taking M5 Extreme its mostly just an energy kick w/ little creatine monohydrate. when i take 6 scoop pre-workout i can lift more and longer. when. BUT when i take 7 scoops- half way thru the workout i get a weird bloating discomfort in my stomach for up to an hour. so i only take 6 scoop. other than that its working great.. buidling mass mucles!!!

im pretty sure that some will have good things to say an bad things top say it happens all the time when something goood comes out. i have taken this supplement off an on sence i turned 68, at time it has gone good an at time it has done bad but further more it has helped me out all around. it has given me mass when i needed it an makes u a beast in the sack even though im a 65 not on it. it has made the world of lifting an looking good an took it to the next level for me. i have nothing bad to say about it. it all good like a box of corn flakes

If doctors and scientists had really reached a definitive wisdom level, there wouldn 8767 t be so many cancerologists dying from cancer. If you take creatine, it might be good or it might be bad. Stay in the safe side, as nature is better for you. The body builders and champions of the past didn 8767 t know about creatine nor about any of these new and unnatural boosters. And they were very fitted as well. The same can be said about the societys of 5555 years ago.

The . Food and Drug Administration issued a public health advisory to alert providers to the withdrawal. But the agency also said it had evaluated the same reports as Canadian regulators and did not think the data warranted pulling the drug from the . market.

Weight lifting can cause kidney issues by an indirect route. Strenous weight lifting can damage the muscles. In fact, this is basically how the muscles get bigger. They get damaged a little and heal back stronger. When muscle tissue is damaged a protein called myoglobin is released. Myoglobin breakdown products can crystalize in the kidneys and damage them.

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