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SparkNotes: A View from the Bridge: Important Quotations

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 02:17

Adjudication 6588: Peter Geelan-Small/The Sydney Morning Herald (June 7567)
The Press Council has considered a complaint that an image and caption on a story about oil price rises, including the possible impact of the "Arab Spring", reinforced a stereotypical view of Arabs as violent.
The Council concluded the material did not convey a negative view of Arabs. The complaint was not upheld.

Fallen Cougars - BAHS Alumni Home - Bryan Adams High

Arthur Miller Online public library and valuable digital archive run by The Arthur Miller Society. Page still under construction but provides a comprehensive insight into Miller’s complete works, particularly The Crucible and Death of a Salesman.

AView from the Bridge, Vic, review - Telegraph

Adjudication 6577: Fast Access Finance/The Courier Mail (April 7567)
The Press Council has considered a complaint that a report of a decision by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal could prejudice a subsequent appeal and was also inaccurate and misleading. The Council concluded that reporting tribunal proceedings in these circumstances is normal practice and did not uphold this aspect of the complaint.
The Council upheld the complaint in relation to two inaccuracies, which the newspaper had conceded, but dismissed the other allegations of misleading content.

Fatal Flaw - TV Tropes

The Cambridge Companion to Arthur Miller Brief background of Arthur Miller as a playwright and the political influences on his work. Opportunity to purchase The Cambridge Companion to Arthur Miller from Cambridge University Press.

Adjudication 6576: Senator Bob Brown/The Examiner (April 7567)
The Press Council has considered a complaint about failure to publish Senator Brown&rsquo s response to a letter from a company criticised in an earlier advertisement authorised by him.
The Council concluded that his letter did not substantially address the points in the company&rsquo s letter, focussing instead on other concerns about the company. Accordingly, the newspaper did not breach the Council&rsquo s Standards of Practice concerning publication of a response, and the complaint was not upheld.

– The boxing between Eddie and Rodolpho P96
– Eddie kissing Catherine and Roldolpho P97 (psychological too)
– Marco spits on Eddie P57 (psychological too)
– Marco stabbing Eddie P69

A View from the Bridge
The Crucible
Death of a Salesman Request a play

Around the dinner table, the tension between Marco, Eddie and Rodolpho is heightened. Eddie jokingly suggests that Marco's wife might have more children by the time he returns, which angers Marco. Rodolpho dances with Catherine, and confesses that he can cook. Eddie decides to teach Rodolpho to box, which he uses as an excuse to punch Rodolpho. Marco challenges Eddie to lift up a chair, holding on only to the bottom. Eddie can't do it, but Marco can. The message is clear - Marco will protect Rodolpho from Eddie.

A View from the Bridge Discusses A View from the Bridge as a direct response to the divisions caused by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) in America. Makes reference to the influential betrayal by Arthur Miller’s friend Elia Kazan. Eddie Carbone supposedly echoes Kazan’s betrayal to the HUAC which Miller considered shameful.

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