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Louisa Gradgrind is shown to be an agent of 'Emotional Parentification' as she is a parentified adolescent who becomes a protector of her sibling Tom and also becomes a mediator between Tom and others when there is a problem related to Tom. When both Louisa and Tom go and peep into a circus tent where a performance is being staged to watch the imaginative entertainment they disobey the dictates of Thomas Gradgrind, their father, whose aim is to raise them on the philosophy of facts and pragmatism. This incident makes Mr. Gradgrind furious and he takes them to task. But being a protector of Tom, Louisa comes to his rescue and takes the blame on herself. Mr. Gradgrind says:

Dickens project high school essay contest

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2015 Dickens Festival Essay Contest Winners!

Isabella Dickens, a fifth grader at Point Pleasant Intermediate School, wrote the winning essay for the fourth-fifth grade age group. Here is what she wrote:

The Charles Dickens Essay Prize Competition

Father, I always knew it. In this strife I have almost repulsed and crushed my better angel into a demon. What I have learned has left me doubting, misbelieving, despising, regretting what I have not learned and my dismal resource has been to think that life would soon go by, and that nothing in it could be worth the pain and trouble of a contest. (Hard Times 767)

Thomas, though I have the facts before me, I find it difficult to believe that you, with your education and resources, should have brought your sister to a scene like this.

Their win was the result of months of poring over the novel, exploring its central themes and dissecting passages word by word in an AP English class taught by Jacqueline Barrios.

A key theme in both Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations [6] and Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’Urbervilles [7] is cruelty. Both authors treat this cruelty in such a way as to expose the flaws of a society in which the powerful, either in terms of.

Within Charles Dickens's Great Expectations , Joe Gargery is presented as the epitome of human compassion and kindness, the moral center of the novel. He is a strange mixture of wisdom, stupidity and generosity, being the most human of all the.

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