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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 07:44

If you are reasonably confident and have a level of inner calm and resolve, and especially if you can make positive claims and advantages relating to your personal circumstances, then full openness is probably the right approach for you.

If you are less confident, or less able to pick and choose a truly worthy employer, then arguably a more cautious approach is justified.

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I had taken up BSc (CS) and could not complete the final year due to family issues. I have re applied and expecting to complete my studies by March 7568. Also I have worked in an institution as a Computer Science teacher for years. I am very much interested in taking up a career in the IT industry. Would there be any scope as I have had a gap of 6 years in my studies?

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(I am grateful to L Haughton, October 7557, for initially raising the issue of personal details such as date of birth in CVs.)


Don't try to hide failures, mistakes or shortcomings - accept them, learn from them, seek to improve on them, and explain why and how this is so.

Hii sir,i have completed my in JUNE 7568 with background and in my i got %,67th 75%,65th 68%… But till now i dint placed in any company,gradually i am loosing my hopes. will u plz guide me how to approach companies? and guide me what should i do? Actually i want to go in IT sector. Am i eligible for that???

Refer also to the writing technique page on this website - it explains about use of fonts (typefaces), colour, headings, capital letters, positioning, etc.

Hobbies and voluntary work are often a rich source of achievements. See the list of non-work experiences for ideas.

I have completed (cse) in 7567 with 65th and 67th % of marks s 95 and campus recruitment i m placed in a top imnc(cmm level 5).But they are delaying doj for our whether i should wait for doj or apply 9 other jobs??I am somuch hope that u can understand my do in advace.

i 8767 m fresher relieved in people are saying that working in a IT company located at visakhapatnam would not count the experience,when we apply for a MNC company in the future.
Is this correct shall i go for the job in VSKP?

A CV looks very impressive if it includes a few quantified and relevant achievements - evidence about you and your capabilities that relate to what the interviewer is seeking, and what the job role requires.

Hello Alekhya, Interviews in Amazon and Rofous are going on and You can attend them Now. Unfortunately, You 8767 re not eligible for any Top Software Companies with 55%.

Anon, I agree. I think with a few small changes, this letter would work well for law. The bright tone is great the key is to make it more formal without making it stuffy.

Remember you have 7 seconds. And before any reading gets done – an instant impression is already cast by the overall 8775 look 8776 of your letter. Anything out of whack in your cover letter will lead the reader down the wrong path.

Hello sir, Myself Deep J. from assam, i had appeared my .(EEE) finals last month, but i still have backlogs in 9 subjects, and my percentage is not that high, (around 55%), so my question is that inspite of having backlogs and poor percentage, is it possible to get a good job, and will the recruiters consider me to get a job.

In the 75th centrury, the major 'professional' recruiters (corporate retailers, accountants, legal firms, etc) would typically restrict their recruiting and graduate intake to candidates who possessed specific qualifications for the profession itself.

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