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When the British had started the conquest of India, Lord Wellesly started the concept of subsidiary alliance, wherein the King was to accept a British resident in court, his foreign policy was to be governed by the British and had to accept and pay for the maintenance of British forces in his territory. This is one of the biggest example of giving a dole, which made the rulers, heavily reliant on the British forces and dismantling of his forces. Thus, instead of bringing in the technological changes of the Western world, they gave a dole and thus, conquered the whole of India.

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These business reference or recommendation letter is written to a client/ business associate to recommend a particular business or service provider for any related business purpose. The letter should be written in a polite tone. The writing should be straight to the point.  A letter of reference is like a testimonial attesting the competence of a person of performing a job. It is like helping a person to take an informed decision by making him aware about person/ company that can be helpful to him.

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Someone, would say that there is a dichotomy in the Indian policies as they provide free food on one hand and generate employment opportunities on the other. But, actually, this is what is needed. We have to strike a balance between the two priorities. State has to come in if the citizens are not yet able to achieve a basic accomplishment like food or clothing for them.

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Human beings are one of the most beautiful creatures of God because they possess rationality. This rationality helps them to develop a character called humanity which is different from other creatures of this planet. This humanity helps a person to help others and have altruism. Now, this altruism can be of two types-either lend your hands or keep on giving dole. Most of the people agree that former is better than latter. In the subsequent section we will analyse that why this viewpoint is supported most.

In almost all these fields, India has been endowed with historical monuments, buildings and rail, road, canal etc. all these created large number of jobs, skilled person etc. Hence, all these give sense of helping hands rather than giving doles. For it is true, that the king of that time used to give gifts to their courtesy or Brahman, but he gave in lieu of service provided by the person, learned man and soldiers etc, not as a gift without any purpose.

Hello Ash! Whats up?
I liked your intro! At first i thought ki kya likha hai ye, but jab i completed reading, then i was like GREAT!!
Ths time i will not criticize you harshly as you have done justice with the GS part too!! 🙂
Just one complaint: when you write so relevant things in your essay but your flow is going a little 8776 here and there 8776 then it 8767 s bad. Work on that!! vaise overall your flow is good. But missing in this essay!! other wise everything is perfect!! very nice!! KWAR!!

hey rajan, great essay. your examples are good and you have explained them even psychology part sets you apart. my only suggestion would be improve a bit on the intro, its weak compared to rest of the essay. another thing ,try giving examples from a wider range, you have mostly focused on economics. rest is perfect 🙂

One of the most important features of the democracy is welfare of the people living in the country as it is the government “of , for and by the people” and so people are supreme in a democracy. The question which now arises is “Who is going to ensure the welfare of the people in a democracy?” In order to answer this question another important component of democracy find place, that is, state or the government.

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