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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 04:28

An individual talks about a chain of circumstances which disturb him. Numerous patterns, characteristics, and personality contents, seem noticeable in his report of these circumstances.

Gerry Marten | Human Ecology - Perceptions of Nature

But , secondly , when in considering past experiments we find them of a contrary nature, this determination, tho’ full and perfect in itself, presents us with no steady object, but offers us a number of disagreeing images in a certain order and proportion. The first impulse, therefore, is here broke into pieces, and diffuses itself over all those images, of which each partakes an equal share of that force and vivacity, that is deriv’d from the impulse. Any of these past events may again happen and we judge, that when they do happen, they will be mix’d in the same proportion as in the past.

Long-term reduction in implicit race bias: A prejudice

The idea of space is convey’d to the mind by two senses, the sight and touch nor does any thing ever appear extended, that is not either visible or tangible. That compound impression, which represents extension, consists of several lesser impressions, that are indivisible to the eye or feeling, and may be call’d impressions of atoms or corpuscles endow’d with colour and solidity. But this is not all. ’Tis not only requisite, that these atoms shou’d be colour’d or tangible, in order to discover themselves to our senses ’tis also necessary we shou’d preserve the idea of their colour or tangibility in order to comprehend them by our imagination. There is nothing but the idea of their colour or tangibility, which can render them conceivable by the mind. Upon the

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But tho’ this be a very strong motive to fidelity, our philosopher wou’d quickly discover, that it wou’d not alone be sufficient to that purpose. All human creatures, especially of the female sex, are apt to over-look remote motives in favour of any present temptation: The temptation is here the strongest imaginable: Its approaches are insensible and seducing: And a woman easily finds, or flatters herself she shall find, certain means of securing her reputation, and pre-

See the warm and magical light of the midnight sun in north of the Arctic Circle, it makes it possible to go sailing or hiking no matter how late or early it is.  

The case is the same with the transmission of the honours and fortune thro’ a succession of males without their passing thro’ any female. ’Tis a quality of human nature, which we shall consider 5 originally '*' footnotes have been numbered for ease of reference 56 * afterwards, that the imagination naturally turns to whatever is important and considerable and where two objects are presented to it, a small and a great one, usually leaves the former, and dwells entirely upon the latter. As in the society of marriage, the male sex has the advantage

Fourthly , As the individuals are collected together, and plac’d under a general term with a view to that resemblance, which they bear to each other, this relation must facilitate their entrance in the imagination, and make them be suggested more readily upon occasion. And indeed if we consider the common progress of the thought, either in

This chapter describes five common perceptions of nature. The first two perceptions - &lsquo everything is connected&rsquo and &lsquo benign/ perverse&rsquo - are major concepts in human ecology, but they are not restricted to scientists. The last three perceptions of nature - &lsquo fragile&rsquo , &lsquo durable&rsquo and &lsquo capricious&rsquo - are special cases of the &lsquo benign/perverse&rsquo perspective. Each of these three perspectives represents a valid part of reality. However, each is less complete than &lsquo benign/perverse&rsquo in ways that can cause people to interact with ecosystems without taking full account of the ways that ecosystems will respond to their actions.

We tend to neglect the fact that contents are process aspects. We pay the most attention to contents as symbolized meanings with specific logical implications (which they also are). Hence we often discuss self-exploration as if it were purely a logical inquiry in search of conceptual answers. However, in psychotherapy (and in one's private self-exploration as well) the logical contents and insights are secondary. Process has primacy. We must attend and symbolize in order to carry forward the process and thereby reconstitute it in certain new aspects. Only then, as new contents come to function implicitly in feeling, can we symbolize them.

This conclusion from a general view of human nature, we may confirm by particular instances, wherein the force of sympathy is very remarkable. Most kinds of beauty are deriv’d from this origin and tho’ our first object be some senseless inanimate piece of matter, ’tis seldom we rest there, and carry not our view to its influence on sensible and rational creatures. A man, who shews us any house or building, takes particular care among other things to point out the convenience of the apartments, the advantages of their situation, and the little room lost in the stairs, anti-

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