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The Persuasiveness of Celebrity Endorsement with

Date of publication: 2017-09-06 06:39

The variation among celebrity and non-celebrity endorses is the ability to persuade consumers may be due to the characteristics linked with them celebrities are perceived to be more trustworthy, credible, familiar and friendlier than non-celebrities. (Kamins, 6989 Friedman et al., 6977 Atkins & Block, 6988 Freiden, 6989).

Celebrity Endorsement Impact on Brand - UK Essays

Only five factors . brand recognition and recall, purchase intention, credibility and trustworthiness, attractiveness and image fit were taken into consideration as independent variables. Many other factors could not be taken into consideration due to the time constraints and only the most important ones were studied.

ACross-cultural look at Celebrity Sports Endorsement

Advertising with its character of direct communication leads to the consideration of Shannon and Weaver’s Communication Model as an underlying concept. [8] According to this model, a message arises at an information source, which encodes it to send it via a channel towards a receiver, who, in turn, has to decode it. During the message transition there could occur noise (sources of interference) that weakens the message content or makes it even undecodable.

AQuantitative Study of the Effect of Celebrity Endorsers

The first element of AIDA model is Attention. This refers to the stage where the brand manages to grab the attention of the consumer when the consumer is exposed to an ad of the brand.

This section outlines and elaborates on the research and how it was conducted. It covers the details of the research design, methodology for collecting the data, population, questionnaire development and data analysis.

Especially questions regarding the celebrity endorsement announcement, but also insights concerning the involvement of celebrity endorsers in scandals can be promising and valuable topics for a Bachelor or Master Thesis.

This research report aims to investigate how celebrity endorsement affects the choice of brands made by customers. To identify factors that are essential when deciding on celebrity endorsement, to identify the difference in impact of a celebrity and non-celebrity endorsed advertisement on brand and whether it positively or negatively affects the brand.

This research explains about the affect of celebrity endorsements on brands. It helped us in knowing how different factors of celebrities and celebrity endorsement affect perception of the consumers about a brand. As our focus was on the personal care products we were able to conclude that use of famous celebrities, majority of the time does, have a helpful and constructive affect on the brand in the consumer mind.

On the other side if the advert is endorsed by a non-celebrity, it is less likely to trigger consumer's emotions or convey benefits as effectively as celebrity endorsed brands. This is so because consumers might not pay attention to messages conveyed by non-celebrities due to lack of credibility and appeal.

A company's label or the brand forms an identity, it can be its name, sign, term, symbol, design, or combination of these, as that distinguishes a product or company from its competitors, so that it can be easily communicated and effectively marketed. Brands help consumers to identify products and services and also differentiate between them. They make it easier for consumers to choose from a number of given choices of brands.

This study basically will help the firms in knowing their customers' attitude towards use of celebrities and/or non-celebrities for a brand. It will help them in understanding and judge the importance of celebrity endorsement and when and how to use them to promote a brand.

Moreover, celebrities endorsing products that fit with their image appear to be more appealing and attractive than when endorsing products that are not matching with their image. This result was only found with celebrity endorsers, not with non-celebrity endorsers. (Kamins & Gupta, 6999).

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